« pas commencer par une première phrase. c’est là nous y sommes. pas donner le sentiment qu’il y a un début, pas qu’il n’y a de fin ou d’au-milieu. aussi devoir donner l’impression qu’il y a des gens, des personnages, des âmes, mais il n’y en a pas. que le maquis et les bêtes sauvages et les esprits qui le traversent la nuit dans le silence. ce qu’il se passe quand tu ne regardes pas. »

« pas dévoiler où ces évènements se sont produits sur l’île, où ils continuent toujours de se produire. pas non plus donner le sentiment qu’il y ait quelque chose à comprendre. donner aucun sentiment. rien donner. te laisserai prendre, arracher, garder, ou passer partir disparaître. il a dit : « Véritable Théâtre de l’Ora Scura n’est pas pour ceux et celles qui veulent qu’on leur donne, mais pour ceux qui prennent”. d’accord prends. »

« pourrait sembler que c’est un grand jeu auquel nous avons décidé de participer tous ensemble. d’accord crois que c’est exactement ce que tu penses que c’est. si tu finis par croire que c’est ce que quelqu’un d’autre a dit que c’était, alors ce n’est pas la vraie histoire. »

- A. H. Romance.

mauve Ruinism music .

interested in songs too short or too long ,

parasite sounds, eroded waves . intoxicating thoughts (

melodies flashing after the actual track, when the light is dimmed and the people are gone &

a chord falling short of a note . and

wonder what it feels like when the harmony is just about reached and the rhythm is slightly off ,

look for feelings that have no name , maybe something exists there (

all ( A. H. Romance

Ye chant no invocations unto us .
Yet always are we manifest within thee ,
We are the gods of hunger and becoming (
We pulse and grow between your heartbeats &


11 tracks
16 . 5 , 2023 (

All my life, in unexpected circumstances, a faint smell had appeared around me, or within me - I never knew the difference. It creates intense sensations of mauve, blood-red and golden, almost blindfully white, colors.

I never could identify this smell precisely. I have tried over and over again to retain its fragrances, to capture them, tame them, name them - but they inevitably slip away. Their elusive presence provokes such a violent contrast that everything seems black, grey and crossed out in their aftermath.

A doleful rain remains. And the tumult of birds and insects in the jungle, organic sounds polluting all other senses, hidding everything else in plain sight.

This smell however, this exact smell, even if for no more than a second, this smell can trigger intoxicating feelings of peace, safety and happiness. It is Divine.

As I try to grasp these emotions and unravel them in my head, my heart, my throat, my fists; as I try to bathe in them, lose and recover myself in them, fusion with them, the doors close shut. And it’s all gone. And I’m terrified it’s never coming back.

I wanted to express what it feels like when It’s there and when It’s not. What is a life with It, with Its perfums and Its shades and its vibrations. And what life is when It’s disappeared.

Être un Incendie
12 tracks
15 . 10 , 2023 (

SOMA Laboratory’s Lyra-8 is the lead instrument on each of this album's tracks.

Lyra-8 is an organismic synthesizer. It is a unique instrument considered to be somewhat haunted. On many levels, it is unpredictable and uncontrollable. In turn, every other instrument on this album had to be tuned and played to accommodate Lyra-8’s will.

Lyra-8’s eight sensors are affected by skin moisture levels, and, in turn, by the performer’s emotional state.

This is an album about mental health, depression and healing, anxiety and faith, PTSD and trust, neurological divergences and feelings of belonging. Each track has been composed by immersing ourselves deeply into specific states of mind, surrounding ourselves with carefully chosen colors and images, reciting certain poems and losing ourselves to the echoes of particular chants, channeling into the tip of our fingers the very essence of these eery feelings.